What Women Want From Men

If you want to know what women want from men then you better read on. In this article I’m going to show you three basic techniques that really attracts women. First we’re going to talk about body language and the hidden secret behind it. Next, we’re going about your goals and passion. And lastly, we’re going to talk about how being happy about your own life attracts womenAt our site, you’ll find some of the best call girls in Almaty with verified real photos, moderate prices and outgoing personalities.

1. Body language
Okay first, we’re going to talk about body language. Body language is actually a big part of communication. According to studies, body language (non-verbal communication) is 80% of communication. So if you want to be attractive to women, show them that you are an attractive person and start with how you stand, sit, and walk.
People often associate body language to status. If a guy has poor body language (hunched over and hands in the pockets) then he will be perceived with low status. On the other hand, if a guy has good body language (standing up straight and chin up) then he will be perceived with high status. Women want guys with high status so if you want to attract women, start thinking like a guy with high status because that is what really attracts women.

2. Goals and passion
Your passion and goals in life is actually related to how high your status to other people. If you achieve things in life like being successful in a business or simply winning a contest, it can be really easy for you to attract the opposite sex. I’ve heard one saying that said ‘you should make yourself the right man first before you find the right woman’ (not sure if I’ve hit the exact words but I think you know what I mean.) Love yourself first and have the guts to achieve all your dreams because achievement is related to status and status is related to how attractive you are to women.

3. Being Happy About Your Life
Being happy about your own life is another thing that really attracts women.   Being happy is contagious; it can be passed to other people instantly. Women want happy and energetic guys. They want guys who live life to the fullest. If you’re a happy person, you will attract women and other people as well.
Being funny is another attractive trait. It is said that if you can make a woman laugh, you can get her into bed.

Everybody wants to laugh. Everybody wants to be happy. If you can practice your jokes around and make people happy around you, then you can attract women like taking candy from a baby.

Ryan Flores

Author: Ryan Flores