How To Date A Filipino Girl

Knowing basic steps to follow when dating Filipino girl increases your chances of eventually winning her heart. If you are interested in developing a relationship with a Filipina, you need to follow certain dating rules first. Today, there are several sites for dating a Filipina. However, the most famous among them is Some of these sites offer you multifarious suggestions to make your tasks easier and get hooked up with a Filipino girl quickly. In this piece, we will examine some top suggestions that you can follow to begin dating a Filipino girl and you will be surprised of the outcome.



Personal Appeal: If you want to win a Filipino girl’s heart on the first meeting, be sure to take a refreshing bath before going out on a date with her. This is because all Filipino girls are easily drawn to men who smell fresh and clean. By taking care of your personal appeal, you will be telling her that you really spent a good amount of time to look extra special only for her. Do not go on your first date wearing outfit with an offensive odor. This will easily turn her off. You may use good smelling perfume to impress her.

Dress Nicely: Dress well on your first date to impress her. Filipino girls usually like their boyfriends to be neat and well-groomed. Having fashion sense along with neatness will go a long way to win the heart of the girl for you. This does not mean you should buy a new shirt for the occasion. Rather, just make your cloth ironed out well so that it will not look rough and put off the girl.

Be Punctual: Have you agreed to go out on a first date? Be punctual and make the girl feel valued and respected. Arriving early will make her feel excited and special. It is best to arrive first and be the one waiting for her, not vice versa.

Pay for Dinner: You should offer to pay for dinner if you are really interested in her. If you are taking a Filipino girl out, be prepared to bear the cost of dinner, drinks, and anything else you buy. Do not go out thinking that both of you will share the cost. Unlike in other part of the world where the two parties split the cost, Filipino girls expect their guy to pay for everything when they are going out on the first date. However, this practice does not mean Filipino girls are materialistic; it is just part of their culture. Therefore, have enough cash with you before you go out with her.

Make Her Feel comfortable: Try to make her feel comfortable from the onset by enjoying each other’s company. This will help you to win her heart. Be jocular and humorous. Making her laugh will help your course. No matter what you do, make sure you keep the conversation moving smoothly so that she will not think you are not interested in her.

Be family-oriented: Their families are everything about them. Filipinas live in a culture that is mainly focused on the community, with the family as the main unit of society.  So. If you really want to win a Filipino girl’s heart, be interested in family activities and gatherings, since this trait puts her guard down, and you’ll have yourself a momentous chance with her.

Ryan Flores

Author: Ryan Flores