How Can a Man or boy Attract You Women or Girls?

In order to attract a girl or woman in the initially place, there are a certain amount of skills and knowledge you must know before doing so. Without this knowledge and understanding, you are very nearly certain to fail every single time you try to talk to a woman you find attractive.
Even if you do have some success with a woman or female you are attracted to, this does not mean you know what you are doing when it comes to attracting a woman. This is what guys call having luck or getting lucky. Whatever you do, don’t try to get into the game with this mindset. You will be playing a losing game and you will most likely not offer the female any regard to keep her attracted.

1. You must initially take care of your personal hygiene. Being clean and well groomed is a must for any man that hopes to attract a high quality woman and keep her. Smelling terrible, having terrible breath, long beards, long-greasy hair, brown or black teeth, and pimples are not attractive to a woman of high quality. Take care of yourself and groom yourself at all times – both before and after getting a girl.

2. Gather what self-confidence is and make sure you have it. A woman does not want a man that is shy or timid to approach her. Being shy can be used to attract a woman, but only if you know how to use it to your advantage. Don’t be too shy or standoffish. Stand up straight and walk like you have confidence.

3. Gather how NOT to be cocky. Not to many women like a cocky man that is full of himself. Remember that women want a confident man, not a man who thinks that he is god and is everlastingly right.

4. If you make eye contact with a girl, do NOT be the initially to break eye contact. This may sound honestly simple, but start paying attention when you see an attractive girl and you both meet with eyes for the initially time. Chances are you are unconsciously looking away initially. Do NOT do this any longer, but also don’t stare too much – it’s creepy to women if you do.

5. Take care of your body and go to the gym. A high quality woman will most likely go to the gym and if she doesn’t, she subdue will be in excellent shape. You don’t have to look like the Incredible Hulk, but you need to be fit and firm. Most women are not attracted to beer bellies, no matter how cool you reflect it may be.

6. Make sure you know how to smile. This is another one you don’t want to overdo. If overdone, you will also come off as creepy. A woman austerely desires a man that knows how to smile and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

7. Study the female anatomy and gather how to please her in bed. No matter if you are a religious person who believes in waiting until marriage to have sex or you believe in one night stands, the confidence you know what to do with show in all areas of communication with her. You body language and voice tone will show confidence.

Keep these 7 tips in mind and practice them. They will improve your game dramatically every time you want to talk to a woman you find attractive.

Ryan Flores

Author: Ryan Flores