10 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Women

I will not claim that the reasons which I am going to discuss are the only reasons for a man leaving her female but these are more frequent reasons I found.

Women fail to listen

Man love to be listened. Most of the time women fail to listen and don’t care about what their man saying. It’s not like that men are always right but they must have chance to say their opinion and women should hear that with interest. Men end up the relation with those women who never bother what they are saying. If you love a man truly give him a chance to speak about his feelings.

Women practice to listen to friends more than men

Sometimes women start listen their friends too much and in this case they do the things which are disliked by their men. Don’t do this foolishness. Friends are important but the most important is your man. Your this attitude impose on him that your friends are most important than him.

Women Involve family in relation disputes

Men don’t want to kidnap you and cut off you from your family but they don’t want you to share every single argument or dispute between you two to discus with your family. Men need your issues to be resolved between you to rather third person poke his nose in between.

Men don’t want to be stick

It is not like that men want to go everywhere alone but it is also fact they don’t want to be stick with you all the time. Give them some space so that they feel free and love you more. If you are going to meet your female friends don’t force men to go with you as they don’t want to hear the discussion about fashion tips. He is man he has some other discussion parameters so don’t force him to hear girlish talks.

Being extra independent is risky

I know most of the girls think men just need sex and they maintain a sex relation with them and in all other things they show independence. Men don’t like that really. They need you to ask them for your problems and show some dependence.

Extra dependence is also bad

Every thong must be in limit so don’t be extra dependent on your man so that he feels you as burden on him. Don’t behave like child be grown up.  Think about you and your man benefits. Be decision maker and decide small stuff at your own and tell your boy. Best site  – PlayPornoGames.com

Talking negative burns the relation rope

Men don’t like talking negative things all the time. Life is beautiful and feels its beauty with your men. If you have some problems discuss them once and solve it don’t talk about them all the time.

Talking about past all the time is not good

If your man has committed a mistake in the past and you managed to forgive that, leave talking about that all the time. It irritates him.

Speaking bad about his friends make him angry

He loves his friends before you in his life. He knows the well so don’t talk negative about the.

Ryan Flores

Author: Ryan Flores