First Date Tips for the Newbies

First dates can be very tricky because they can either make or break you.
Are you having clammy hands? Does your voice stutter? And do you find it hard to think of a conversation? First date jitters like these are very common especially for first timers like you. Here are some first date tips for you my confused friend:
Make sure you don’t look like a wuss
Your exchange of words should be interesting the moment you start talking to each other. Your choice of topics must be on an interesting level. Keep her interested and hooked in your conversations and you are sure to snag another date with her.
Don’t just talk about where you went to school or what you do for fun on weekends, man. That is boring! Make it fun for your date. If you are clueless to what you should talk about, why not get her laughing with a really green joke? That should give her the impression that you are a fun guy who can also make her horny. Women like men who are not like that—nice “bad guys.”
Ask any guy for first date tips and they will tell you to never ever talk about common subjects. They are boring and predictable. They’d make you look like a wuss. Do this and expect her to complain to her girlfriends how hard it is to find a fascinating, interesting, and articulate guy.
Don’t screw it up by playing it safe
Men who are scared of screwing up their first dates run the risk of letting their conversation steer into its most boring point. This is one thing you really need to be wary of, my friend. Your fear of ruining your first date can be your demise. Never play it safe. Your fear of saying something that will not sit well with your date will make you look like the biggest bore in town.
Here is one effective tip: don’t think too much about your date. Think of her as a common friend that you don’t need to impress at all. This will put you in a relaxed mood, one that will not put any pressure on you to put up any pretenses. Bottomline: you will be more comfortable and “in your skin” to talk as naturally as possible and impress your date. This will keep you from  talking about the same subjects over and over again.
Some topics that can produce favorable response from your date are comedy, pleasantry, and even some degree of drama.
Be charming, energetic, and humorous
Women don’t like plain, uninteresting, and boring men who don’t know how to carry a good conversation. If you fall into this category, don’t expect to score a second date. You’re done. Be charming. Show energy when talking to your date and inject humor in your topics.  You can try spicing it up a little bit while being confident and amusing.
The best first date tip is to be yourself; express yourself freely. This provides you with the opportunity for you to be real and act naturally instead of trying to impress your date and fail epicly.
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Ryan Flores

Author: Ryan Flores