Don’t Read This If You Just Want To Be Her Friend

The best way to kick off a relationship with a girl is to try and be her friend, right?  Wrong.  If that’s what you think, chances are you’ve never found yourself in “the Friend Zone”…yet.
Beware the dreaded Friend Zone!
What is the Friend Zone, you may ask?  It’s that state of mind in which a woman sees a man as a friend, rather than a (potential) sex partner.  You see, women categorize men soon after meeting them–sometimes within moments–according to whether they’re interested in them sexually, platonically, or not at all..  This second group corresponds to what we term the Friend Zone–men who are charming, attractive, funny, etc., but still not quite enough so to make the cut for Team Boyfriend.  Your goal, of course, is to try and get into the first group, potential sex partners.  If you follow the great advice in our Members’ Section, you should have no problem with this.  However, if you slip up and find yourself in the Friend Zone, you’ve pretty much just blown your chances.
You might be thinking that the Friend Zone isn’t such a bad place to be; at least it’s better than getting rejected, isn’t it?  Wrong again:  in many ways, the Friend Zone is far more agonizing than outright rejection.  Sure, in the Friend Zone, a woman will want to spend time with you…just not doing any of the things you want to do.  You’ll be called upon for long phone conversations, fashion help, and most likely for your perspective when she’s having problems with the guy she does end up dating, but you won’t get any attention of the kind you were hoping for when you first approached her.  Friend Zoners are, essentially, desexualized and emasculated in the female mind; put simply, this means women think of them as other women, and treat them more or less the same as they do their female friends–i.e. platonically.
Worst of all, there’s no way out of the Friend Zone–in 99% of cases, once there, you’re stuck.  While the average man might be comfortable allowing a platonic friendship to grow into a sexual one, the grand majority of women aren’t.  At all.  Which means that attempting to climb out of the Friend Zone is most likely just going to send you slipping and sliding into the Sewers of Rejection.
Go in strong–and don’t let up!
A lot of guys, and even some dating websites and columns, will encourage you to start off as friends with women.  Ignore them!  Women decide quickly after meeting a guy what kind of relationship they want with him, and they almost never change their minds later.  Use every tool at your disposal to make sure you overshoot the Friend Zone and land safely in Stud-land.  Forget about all those cheesy movies and TV shows where the guy and the girl always get together in the end; in real life, once you find yourself in the Friend Zone, the story’s over.  You get one shot to make her attracted to you; use it well.
So don’t wait–and learn all the techniques you’ll need to keep clear of the Friend Zone.  Members get all kinds of great information on getting–and keeping–women interested.  What are you waiting for?  Learn the secrets to keeping a woman interested today!

Ryan Flores

Author: Ryan Flores